Saturday, January 3, 2015

Want to lose stubborn weight? Show your bod who's boss!

I wrote Expedition: Eat ! because no one should struggle with losing weight.

For years I tried to get fit and hated myself for failing. Making things even worse, I felt responsible for my husband and baby girl's weight problems too.

Being lectured by my daughter's pediatrician was mortifying. My health was declining, my husband had terrible gastric reflux and nothing we tried worked.

Then I figured out how to show my body who's really in charge! Without denying favorite foods and without starving, this system transformed my whole family. I lost 70 lbs, my hubbie lost 50 lbs and my daughter is a healthy size for her height. The weight has not come back for any of us.

Expedition: Eat ! is a fool proof method to make your body and brain do what you want them to do. It really works. Check out my before and after shots...

Buy the book and change your life. Get it today. Click the link or go to and type "Expedition Eat" in the search bar.

Follow the expedition on Twitter and Facebook. Post your transformation pics during your weight loss journey. Road trips are always better with friends.


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