Friday, April 18, 2014

Did I really just publish a weight loss book?

I lost a lot of weight a few years back and everyone asks how I did it. In hallways, on the street, in passing at hard as I tried, I couldn't come up with a 1 minute elevator speech that explained it. There was too much to it.

And there is so much mis-information about weight loss and fitness in the media that I feel bad for folks who are really trying to take care of themselves and can't lose weight permanently.

So, I wrote this book...that way I can tell people to download it from Amazon if they want to lose weight forever like I did. Safely, permanently and without fad diets, expensive food/supplements or feeling hungry all the time.

My style is very NJ and I've got a thing about honesty so I'm apt to cheese off some folks who won't like what I have to say. Oh well, maybe they shouldn't be telling people fibs just to make money on their weight loss products. It's a mean thing to do...the diets and products don't work and they know it. They convince folks who really are trying to get fit to spend money and then the customers think they didn't follow the plan right when the weight doesn't come off or comes back.

For a very brief overview, check out my previous post on How to lose 70 pounds forever . Hopefully, I can use this book to spread a little truth and help folks figure out what works best for them.

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