Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ewww to Ohhh!

My daughter is a picky eater who has a very limited repertoire and I figured the few things she eats should be as healthy as possible. So I bought some whole wheat graham crackers to use for my daughter's school snacks. What could possibly go wrong?

EVERYTHING! They are gross. She didn't like them and neither do I. When companies make things like this, I wonder if anyone actually eats them before they build factories and churn out thousands of boxes. Whole wheat is not unpleasant - unseasoned whole wheat grahams are. There should be a sweetener and maybe a pinch of salt, right? No - it's just...plain, dry wheat and now there's a whole $5 box of them sitting in the pantry.

BUT chocolate makes everything better. So do marshmallows. And together they could bring about world peace.

I set the graham crackers on a piece of parchment paper (wax paper works too) on top of a small cutting board. Then microwave melted some semi sweet chips and a very little shortening together in a glass coffee mug. Using a spoon, I drizzled chocolate across the graham crackers.

The mini marshmallows were a little too big so I cut them in half before pressing them into the wet chocolate drizzles. They looked a little nakedly white so I drizzled more chocolate across the marshmallows and used the cutting board to carry them to the fridge. After they set up in the fridge for about 15 minutes, the end result looked like this:

They tasted great now! And since I had chocolate left over, and some strawberries were in the fridge, the inevitable happened.

My daughter's teacher had sent home a note earlier in the week to remind us to send in a snack every day. I had tucked a yogurt tube into her lunchbag but it was clearly a forgettable snack. The above pic is what went into school yesterday. Little miss told me the whole class including her teacher, were looking at her like they "wanted some" as she enjoyed her snack. Guess I won't be getting any notes for a while!

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