Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christmas for Foodies

Recently I had the very good fortune to attend my niece's wedding. It was doubly wonderful because, in addition to seeing my gorgeous black belt niece tie the knot, the reception was a gastronomic paradise! See, the bride's daddy is a foodie's foodie and had the reception at Addison Park.

The entrance was spectacular! My husband and daughter are in the pic to give an aspect of size to that stairway. (and they both look great all dressed up for the wedding!)
The dinner was very good but it was the cocktail hour that made me think I died and went to heaven. Yummy, yummy heaven....a HUGE four sided cold display dominated the center of the room while hot appetizer stations flanked the walls.
Some pics of the colds:

Prosciutto...salami....capiccola....the stuff savory, salty dream are made of..

Garbanzo salad and cheese galore!

Feta and olives and pita oh my!

Grilled carrots, marinated veggies, pasta salads and multiple types of mouth watering focaccia demanding my attention. It was like trying to choose a favorite child.
As I succumbed to the food fest, less pics were taken as my hands were busy cramming food into my mouth hole. The hot food stations had EVERYthing! I came up for air once or twice and got these:

Chicken or beef sliders with soft rolls and onions for toppings...mmmmm

Oysters Rockefeller, mussels marinara and fried calamari...squee!

I don't drink but still was impressed with the booze luge.
Rule is don't eat anything bigger than your head which I obviously broke with these honkin plates of grub:

And the perfect neice's favorite - cannoli cake!

I love food...I mean weddings!

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